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Last update: 26.06.2014. 12:13
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History of the "Agricultural Data Centre"

The State Animal Breeding Information and Data Processing Centre (VCIDAC) is a State Institution under supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture that was established in 1997 to aggregate, process and analyze zootehnical, veterinarian and agricultural information in Latvian Republic with goal to create whole state animal and herd register, pedigree information system in compliance with international requirements.

According to the regulations issued by the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers in November 2004 reorganization took place and from the 1st of November VCIDAC was renamed as "Agricultural Data Centre".

 "Agricultural Data Centre" according to the Pedigree law and other laws and regulations provides:

  • Animal and herd registration;
  • Holding registration;
  • Animal identification;
  • Maintaining data base of animal and herd register;
  • Maintaining data base of holding register;
  • Pig, sheep, goat, horse registration;
  • Maintaining data base of pig, sheep, goat, horse register;
  • Maintaining milk recording results and processing of information;
  • Sending the results of milk recording to herd owners;
  • Maintaining data base of milk producers register;
  • Maintaining data base of milk quota register and transaction registration;
  • Preparing of pedigree information;
  • Estimation of animal breeding value;
  • Preparing and providing information for other related data base systems, as well as for receiving national and European subsidies;
  • Fulfillment of other governmental orders.


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